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To update the Register of Affiliations could all Councils please provide information on their current and active sister city/friendship relationships by email to:
Caisley Graham The records will be updated and placed on the site and made available to Members.
It's that time of year again when you get to decide which of your projects should be considered for the National Awards. CLICK HERE for more info.
The Sister Cities Australia Newsletters can be found on the Newsletters page. Please CLICK HERE to view our PDF Newsletters online.
SCA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2015: Announcing the Sister Cities Australia Annual Conference 2015 to be held at Blacktown NSW, from Sunday 8th November to Wednesday 11th November 2015. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Welcome to Sister Cities Australia...

As the name denotes, Sister Cities Australia Inc. (SCA) is an association of cities, towns, shires, ports and even states that have a Sister City relationship. It keeps a register of all Australian affiliations, of which it is aware, and welcomes additions to the listing.

SCA also takes a role in matching cities and towns in Australia with cities and towns both from overseas and within Australia seeking a Sister City relationship. SCA is also the link between an Australian sister city or town and the many projects and ideas that have been experienced here and abroad. Many cities, municipalities and shires in Australia have at least one sister city relationship with a city or town overseas, or within Australia, with many have multiple affiliations

The objective of SCA is to provide an umbrella of support and to promote these affiliations. SCA also aims to provide a forum for cultural, economic and educational interchange between communities and to encourage friendship, co-operation and understanding to improve peaceful co-existence worldwide.

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Register of Affiliations National Awards SCA Newsletters Annual Conference 2015